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ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zankl

Wolfgang Zankl | Profile

Professor Zankl teaches Civil and Comparative Law at the University of Vienna. He is the former dean of the law school at the UFL-University Liechtenstein, the international director of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Law (Tianjin University), a contributor to “Machine Lawyering” (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and foundation member of the Computer Ethics Society (Hong Kong). He has developed a number of IT-law related internet platforms (e.g., checkmycase.com based on crowd intelligence) and founded in 2001 the “european center for e-commerce and internet law” (e-center) with branches in Berlin, Brussels, Hong Kong, London and New York. Prof. Zankl is advisor to law firms, companies and governments in digital law related matters, recently focusing on artificial intelligence, involving, for example, ChatGPT in connection with legal databases, impacts on attorneys, legal appliance and regulation issues. Expecting that artificial intelligence will soon affect legal professions significantly, he is currently not only using ChatGPT in his academic and professional teaching programs but publishing related results to prepare the legal community for disruptive changes. Prof. Zankl has delivered numerous studies, surveys and publications for leading tech companies (e.g., Google, Microsoft). On behalf of Facebook, he drafted a legal opinion in a high-profile case before the European Court of Justice. His assessments on digital legal issues are cited by international media, such as the New York Times. He has published several hundred articles and papers as well as 20 books on civil and digital law, and has been teaching and presenting these topics in German, English, French and Spanish worldwide at, amongst others, Harvard University, University of Sydney, Universidad Mayor Santiago de Chile, Hong Kong University, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Rabat Université HEM Morocco and Quadriga Hochschule Berlin. Following invitations from major companies, Prof. Zankl held seminars and gave presentations on digital law in, for example, Dubai (Microsoft), Tokyo (Allianz), Beijing (China Mobile), Singapore (UBS) and Frankfurt (Lufthansa); and at the invitation of law firms in, for instance, Casablanca, London and New York. Wolfgang Zankl has been and still is active in various sports, such as sailing (Mediterranean and Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean) and running - e.g. in the Arctic and in Antarctica. Regarding the latter, he has published the books “Arctic & Antarctic Run” and “Arctic & Antarctic Law.” 15/06/23