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Advisory board

The e-center is surrounded by an international committee of highly qualified and outstanding professors, lawyers, judges, politicians and practitioners all over the world. The Vice President of the European Parliament, Members of Parliaments, Judges of Supreme Courts, of the European Court of Human Rights and many other distinguished personalities identify with the mission and aims of the e-center, provide it with stimulus and contribute to the reputation of the e-center as the world´s largest and leading network and think tank for IT-law.

Werner Amon, Member of the Austrian Parliament, Vienna
Elena Balashova, 
Attorney at law, Moscow
Michael Bates
, Legal Counsel, Ansarada, Sydney
Dhritiman Bhattacharyya, 
Attorney at law, Delhi
Angela Bibulowicz, 
Higher Regional Court, Vienna
Werner Brell, 
Red Bull, Los Angeles
Paul Bruck, 
Bruck Consult, Moscow
Henry Chang
, Adjunct Associate Professor, Hong Kong University
Henry Chen, 
Attorney at law, Shanghai/New York
Anne Cheung, 
Professor at the Hong Kong University, Law Faculty
Barbara Chiu
, Sales, Cisco, Hong Kong
Han Dayuan, 
Dean of the Law Faculty, Remin University of China, Beijing
Stefan Diedericks, 
Oracle South Africa, Admitted Attorney at the High Court of Johannesburg
John DiMatteo
, Attorney at Law, Holwell Shuster & Goldberg LLP, New York
Johannes Diwald, Notary Chamber, Vienna
David C. Donald, 
Attorney at Law (New York) and Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Camilla Donati, 
UBS, Rio de Janeiro
Martin Doris, 
Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Richard Eccles, 
Attorney at law, London
Erich Eggenhofer, 
Permanent Representation of Austria at the EU, Brussels
Kurt Enzinger, 
former head of Internet Service Providers Austria, Vienna
James D. Fry, 
Professor at Law Faculty of the Hong Kong University
Michael Fruhmann, 
Federal Chancellery, Vienna
Erhard Fürst, 
Federation of Industries, Vienna
Ludwig Gantner, 
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Vienna
Lech Garlicki, 
former Judge at the European Court of Human Rights, Professor at the Law Faculty of the Hong Kong University
Hans Georg Gasser, 
Wirtschaftsblatt, Vienna
Urs Gasser,
 Professor and Executive Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University
Georg Gomshiashvili, 
Attorney at law, Dubai
Jörg Gössler, 
Attorney at Law, Berlin, Zurich
Yaron Grofman, 
Attorney at law, Tel Aviv
Johannes Gungl, 
Chairman of Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications
Daniel Gutmann, 
Attorney at law, Berlin
Winfried Gutmannsbauer, 
UBS, Zurich
Claudia Hainz-Sator, 
Judge at the Austrian Administrative Supreme Court, Vienna
Gerhard Hanappi, 
Professor at the Technical University, Vienna
Philipp Herrmann, 
Attorney at law, Munich
Chris Hubbard, 
Solicitor, London
Clemens Jabloner, 
former President of the Austrian Administrative Supreme Court, Vienna
Markus Janssen, Attorney at law, Tokyo
Vinod Joseph, Attorney at law, Delhi
Hans Georg Kantner, 
Kreditschutzverband, Vienna
Othmar Karas, 
Vicepresident of the European Parliament, Brussels
Georg Kathrein, 
Department head at the Ministry of Justice, Vienna
Azzedine Kettani
, attorney at law, Law Professor, Casablanca
Benedikt Kommenda, Die Presse, Vienna
Paul Kraker, 
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Vienna
Michael Lang, 
University of Economics, Vienna
Jyh-An Lee, 
Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Li Luo, 
Professor at the Law Faculty at the Renmin University, Beijing
Wanbil Lee, Professor and Founder/President of the Computer Ethics Society, Hong Kong
Andrew K P Leung, SBS, FRSA, International and Independent China Specialist, Hong Kong
Babette Märzheuser-Wood, Solicitor, London
Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Professor at the Oxford University, former Professor at the Harvard University
Uwe Michel, Allianz, Munich, former Head of Allianz Japan
Sigrid Neumüller, Attorney at law, Sydney
Michael Olesnicky, Attorney at Law, Hong Kong
Sylvia Papházy, Volksanwaltschaft, Vienna
Birgit Puck, Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Vienna, Wien
Thomas Rauscher, Professor at the University Leipzig
Peter Ritter, Attorney at law, Legal advisor to the Prince of Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Johann Rzeszut, former President of the Austrian Supreme Court, Vienna
Brigitte Schenk, Judge at the Austrian Supreme Court, Vienna
Leo Schrutt, Consulting, Zurich
Georg Schwarz, Faktorlogik, Munich
Hannes Seidelberger, Federation against unfair competition, Vienna
Georg Serentschy, former Chairman of Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications
Li Sha, Lawyer, Hong Kong
Christian Singer, Ministry of Traffic, Innovation and Technology, Vienna
Eva Souhrada-Kirchmayer, Judge at the Federal Administration Court, Vienna, Data Protection Commissioner of the European Council
Elisabeth Steiner, former Judge at the European Court of Human Rights
Philipp Strommer, OMV, Vienna
Franco Taisch, Professor at the University Luzern
Frank Tapella, Attorney at law, Cologne
Konstantin Theile, Educatis Foundation, Altdorf
Geordie Toh, Senior Legal Counsel, Cisco, Hong Kong
Robert Trappl, 
Founder and Head of Department for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna
Wilhelm Tschugguel, Judge at the Regional Court, Korneuburg
Dorit Ungar-Black, Attorney at law, New York
Gerhard Wagner, Federation for Information Industry, Vienna 
Lutz-Christian Wolff, Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Zhu Nai Xiao, Professor at the Economy Department, Jinan University, Guangzhou
Hans Zeger, Working Group on Data Protection, Vienna